Dog's Point of View (Pug)

Exercise -- try to write from a dog's (pug) POV.

I force myself to stand up, but struggle on my small, wimpy legs. I look around, adjusting my eyes to the light. My brothers and sisters are as tiny as I, maybe even tinier. They are all surrounding a larger dog, supposedly my mother. She has many wrinkles on her face, and her eyes are deep brown around the edges. Her fur reflects the color of mine and my siblings': light, soft fawn color. Her tail is curled up in a spiral. My eyes meet hers, and she gives me a lick.

My brothers and sisters struggle and fight for milk. I try to push my way in, but quickly decide to wait  a little longer. As my siblings struggle, I observe the surroundings. We aren't locked away, but a tall, long fence surrounds us. There are soft, fuzzy things to lay on, though where there are not a cold, flat surface touches the pads of my feet.

After a few days, I adjust to life inside the fence. Sometimes people come and dump food into bowls for us to eat. Except for one woman who always snuggles with me and feeds me out of her hand; she does not come every day, but when she does, I trot over to her, and she pets my head. Every day people come and stand outside the fence. They say things like "aw" and "look how small he is"! Often, I see kids who come up and pet my head before saying, "can we keep him, mom?" It isn't long before half of my brothers and sisters are taken away by the kids. 

With the few that are left, I play, often tumbling around and trying to bite one another. Though we do get a few scratch marks, it's just play. As I get older, I don't want to play as much. Most of the days I like to laze around.

A few weeks later, after all of my siblings are gone, a small family walks up, with two kids -- a younger boy, and an older girl. I recognize her from a few days ago, when she stayed outside of the fence for a long time, petting all of us that were left. The girl says, "There he is mom, that's the one I want." The mom smiles, and I can't help but get excited -- they were pointing at me! The lady that always feeds me out of her hand smiles, too, and unlocks the fence gate. I am already waiting for her when she comes in. "Seems he's excited," she says with a laugh to the family. They smile back. She picks me up and puts me in the girl's hands. I lick her hand anxiously.

After what seems like a long time, the girl carries me into a car that takes us to a large building -- much larger than the area inside the fence. I explore around. When it gets dark outside, the girl carries me into her bedroom, and sets me on a small, comfortable bed. I lie down and close my eyes. Quickly, I fall asleep, dreaming of life in the future.

The End

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