Blue Box

There was a massive crash, just down the street from the university. It was quiet in the classroom when it happened, so that everyone jumped at the sudden, unexpected noise. Julian leaned out the window, seeing the tangle of horses, chariots and a strange blue box made of wood. A student a few years ahead of Julian sometimes doodled a similar box on his worksheets, Julian had once asked him about it, but he didnt seem to be able to explain much. He'd said it was the house of a god, who had saved his family from the explosive force of Mt. Vesuvius. Julian jumped back from the window and ran outside to investigate the crash.

"What happened?" He asked a charioteer disentangling himself from the wreckage.

"Dunno." The man grunted. "This box appeared out of nowhere." He hit the thing in the side, and suddenly, the doors fell open and two people climbed out. They were dressed in strange clothes, thick shoes and many layers in dark colors. Trousers and tunics, working clothes. Julian scrambled over the wreckage to get a better look at them, they were hard to describe.

"When in Rome." The woman began, surveying the scene like she owned the city. The man grinned and Julian was instantly put at ease, it was a smile he could trust. But then, across the Plaza, he felt eyes staring at him, and turned. The prophet-god was there, staring at the pair, frowning darkly. They did not belong here, that was obvious, but the way that man looked at the pair, it was like they weren't even allowed to be here.

The End

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