Erin: Out Of Body Experience

I was floating, hovering metres above my body which lay motionless of the concrete, Angie shaking me trying to wake me up. What was happening? Was this some sort of bizarre dream? No, it couldn't be.

Was I dead? It seems logical, I mean I was hovering above my own body, but then again how could I be dead? In every why I was physically fit; I mean I hadn’t been shot, stabbed, hurt in any physical way so how could I be dead? All I had done before I passed out was stare into the cold eyes of the alien that Angie and I had been pursuing.

Suddenly the world blurred around me and I found myself spinning, I had to shut my eyes tight shut to stop me from throwing up from being spun around.... if i could throw up in this form. When I opened my eyes I was somewhere new.... somewhere totally different. Angie and my crumpled body were gone and were replaced by nothing I could recognize - where was I?

In all the time I had known the doctor, the one thing he taught me was that fear was something that could be ignored if you focus on not being scared and use logic to get out of the situation. What I would have given to see The Doctor right now. I closed my eyes tight shut and thought about how much I wanted to see the Doctor and as if by magic ... it happened. The world around me blurred again and I snapped my eyes shut to prevent the feeling of nausea from overcoming me. When I opened my eyes again there he was, The Doctor right in front of me.

“Doctor!” I shouted in relief but my voice wasn’t even registered by him, “Doctor, its Erin, help me!” I called again but this time The Doctor seemed to register something, like my voice was carried like a whisper on the breeze.

“Erin is in trouble” He muttered simply, “and I can’t help her” he allowed a single tear to trickle down his face. “Who’s Erin?” a girl I didn’t recognize asked, “My best friend” the doctor replied.

Suddenly, I was thrown into a blurred whirlwind of colour as the world blurred around me, and when I was able to see again, I found myself face to face with the alien and the bad bit was that he could see me.

Now I was scared.   

The End

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