Angie: Remain Calm

I knew that Erin had just suddenly passed out, but I was intent on the scream we had heard. I wanted to help whoever was in trouble. When I rounded the corner, it turned out to be a little girl in some weird British school clothes pointing at a rat in an alley ("It crawled over my shoe!"). I assured her it wouldn't hurt her and stepped on its tail to prove my point. ("Get outta here, you little piece of...") The vermin screeched and dived into a hole in the brick wall.

Leaving the girl to continue her trek homewards, I returned to Erin.

She was lying facedown on the pavement - but she was alive. And her phone was ringing. Great, now I have to talk to some nutcase friend of her's (Or worse - her parents).

I slid open the cell phone, pressing it my ear, "Hello?"

"Oh, hello Angie! Is Erin there? I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a pickle you see...." He trailed off, talking about the different kinds of pickles and how an alien called Zooba taught him how to stuff them with cream filling.

"Doctor, can you shut up for, like, five seconds?"

He paused in midsentence, taking a deep gasping breath. It was a wonder he didn't die of asphyxiation whenever he talked for so long.

"Thanks - Okay, Erin passed out. Not sure why,"

The Doctor remained silent for a moment before answering, "Oh, that's very not good. That's bad. Bad bad beans. She has a psychic link with him...." He trailed off, muttering something intelligible.

"So what do I do?" I barked, interrupting his never ending string of 'Oh, not good' and 'Poor Erin' and 'I'm so so sorry'.

"Remain calm,"

That's it? My god - she was a goner for sure.....



The End

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