Doctor: Inside the Spaceship

"You can't trust everything you read." I said as I pulled myself up to the console of my beautiful ship. I gently caressed the time rotor; she was screaming. "I'm so sorry." I whispered to her, falling to the floor. I looked under the console, pulling the cover away from a selection of wires. My hands working quickly, moving the wires around until the harsh shrieking noise in my head calmed. I could still feel my arms shaking a little but I knew that would die down in time.

"What...?" Hannah asked from the doorway.

"I fiddled about with the safety parameters. Effectively I desensitised the ship to the pain." I was about to run over to her when my legs gave way beneath me. My face hit the glass floor suddenly. I stretched my jaw slightly as I pushed myself up.

"What...?" she repeated.

"I just said." I blinked quickly before getting up. I was fine now.

"But?" she stuttered, looking around.

"Haven't you been inside yet?" I asked, moving over to her side.

"It's bigger." she muttered.

"I know." I grinned. "Wonderful isn't it?"

She looked at me, a couple of tears on her face. "How?"

I sighed. "Do you understand temporal mechanics? Dimensional transcendentalism? Special geometry?"

"No." her voice was weak.

"Then I wouldn't ask." I spotted a flashing light on the console and dashed over. I tripped on the top step, sliding until the console brought me to a stop. "Still hurts."

Hannah was looking around still. "No..."

"Is this going to be a problem?" I asked, fiddling with the console.

"No..." she mumbled.

"Good." I called. I made my way underneath the console and started tinkering down there.

"Doctor?" she asked, her voice coming back.

"Aha?" I yelled over the hissing of the thermal hammer in my hand.

"Where are we?"

"My ship. The blue box in your shed." I replied, frantically moving. "Can this wait?"

"Why?" She looked down at me from the console.

"Trying to save her." I mumbled, the thermal hammer in my mouth.

"Her? Never mind. Can I help?"

"Watch the blue light." I spat the hammer out and watched it fall. "If it goes green run."

"Run?" she asked.

"Yes. Out the door." I unplugged a wire and saw sparks fly into my face.

"But..." she started.

"This ship will implode and take quite a bit of your shed with it. So run." I put two wires together and smiled as the ends fused together. "Wait."

"What now?" she shouted, staring at the light.

"Your necklace. The outer shell. It's decaying." I muttered under my breath. "How long have you had that necklace?"

"Ages." The TARDIS was screaming loudly again, sirens ringing in my ears. A dark red light flooded the ship. The cloister bell was chiming; it was too late.

"Doctor! It's green!" she screamed, looking at me. "Come on!"

"Got it." I yelled, dashing up to join her by the console. "Get out." I barked at her, spinning around the console.

"But what about you?" She hesitated.

"I'll be fine!" I yelled, trying to get the ship to respond.

I heard the door shut and pulled on one last lever. I smiled to myself as the ship dematerialised. I leaned over the console and left the ship hovering in the vortex. She'd be safe there.

Now I had plenty of time to figure out what was going on. There was clearly something on Earth attacking the ship. But what about the other one?

My mind reached out to the earlier ship; it was fine. So only this one.

"Stranger and stranger." I muttered to myself. "Maybe if I go back in time to before the entity arrived on Earth, she'll be fine."

I typed quickly, letting my fingers become blurs before my eyes. The ship could only faintly trace the attacking force but it followed it back a very long time. I checked the light; blue. I landed her, pulling the screen round to check where I was. "Wow." I muttered. "Didn't see that coming."

"It's Ancient Rome!" Hannah yelled excitedly from behind me. I spun on the spot to face her. "Sorry."

The light was still blue. That was why I was so shocked when the ship shook uncontrollably. Someone, or something, had toppled the ship over.

We were both thrown through the air, hitting the wall hard in the back. We looked up to see the doors on the opposite side of the ship - we'd have to climb our way out. I grinned to myself; I hadn't done that in such a long time!

The End

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