Angie: Cat in the Hat

I peeled my eyes open as slowly as possible.

My head was throbbing so hard, I could barely focus more than an inch in front of my face.

And I sure as hell couldn't move.

I let out a groan, my body shuddering from the incredible blood loss I had suffered in such a short amount of time.

I knew that cutting my wrists like I had would come back to bite me on the butt sooner or later.

I could just feel Erin's arm with my fingertips, which meant she had fallen beside me. Her skin was warm, so that meant she wasn't dead at least.

I just hoped the creepy guy from the plane hadn't hurt her.

Wait a second - why do I care about the nutcases?

 I mean, the one guy is in love with a police box who he thinks is a space ship and the other one follows him like an obedient puppy, believing every piece of hogwash that comes out of his mouth.

A shadow fell over me and for a horrifying moment, I was afraid it was the 'alien' back to beat me up for slamming into his taxi and probably giving him whiplash.

When my eyes finally focused on the face, I was partially relieved to see that it was Thing 2 (Erin) herself, up and at-em' to help Thing 1 (Me).

Now if only we could find that Cat in the Hat.

Or should I say 'in the bowtie'?

The End

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