Hannah: Big Blue Box

Much like a fish out of water, drowning in the open air we humans require to stay alive, this strange man that had introduced himself to me as, simply, the Doctor, convulsed and squirmed in agony on the living room floor. Unsure of what to do, I panicked. I began to back up against the wall, staring on in horror, wondering what on God’s Earth was happening to this man.

What were these echoes and why had one of them looked like me? Who was this man? What was this man!?

Through the corner of my eye, I noticed the garden shed – the one which contained the big blue box that the Doctor desired – and saw that the blue glow was flashing angrily and much more intense than it had done previously.

Another thing that I noticed was the wind, but not like I’d seen or witnessed it before. It was controlled and headed for one direction, circling on a target; the garden shed was in the middle of it all.

“Doctor!” I shouted, removing myself from the wall and rushing to his side. Kneeling down, I took hold of his wrists and forced his gaze up at my face, “You need to come. I think something’s wrong.”

The Doctor cringed further, resisting my grip and suppressing a cry of pain. I pulled hard, tightening my grip, “Doctor, come on!” grinding his teeth, he began to fight his locked frame and allowed me to pull him up onto his feet. I had to support him as I moved him hastily towards the back door of the beach house, his limbs flying in all directions. As I reached for the handle, thrusting the door open, the wind hit me instantly, sending me flying back a couple feet.

“Doctor, you need to work with me, otherwise we can’t get to the shed and we can’t get to your blue box…” I shouted over the bellowing wind.

“My ship!” he cried in response, eyes wind open and facing the shed door. I nodded and took hold of his hand, dragging him towards the arch of the doorway and bracing myself against the strong winds. Sand was being caught up in the storm and impaled my vision and we both trudged through across the garden towards our target: the shed. The door swung wide open and I heard the distressed sigh of relief from the Doctor as he trudged on in front at the sight of his precious blue box, “My ship… my beautiful ship.” I rolled my eyes; trust me to get stuck with the nut job.

We passed the border between the garden and the inside of the shed and the door swung shut again, encasing ourselves in the fickle water damaged shack. I turned towards the Doctor who had pressed his body against the box, his cheek pressed against the blue wood and high hands caressing the peeling paintwork.

A large part of the side of the shed cracked and flew away from the shed. We were in the centre of what seemed like a twister, on a much smaller scale. I was petrified. I eyed the blue box that this strange man was besotted with and realised that our only chance of surviving this was the go inside it, if not the protect us that little bit more. I reached for the handle and pulled. It wouldn’t budge. I pulled again and again, determined that if I pulled hard enough that it would open.

“Allow me.” The Doctor announced at my side, pushing me to the side and simply pushing the door and it swinging open. My mouth dropped. How had he..? “Come on Hannah, let’s get out of here. We need to fix my ship.” He entered the blue box, leaving the door open for me to follow him.

“But the sign said to pull…” I answered quietly, re-reading the old police notice on the opposite door. I flinched as another piece of the shed broke away and rushed in after the Doctor, pushing the door shut behind me.

The End

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