Doctor: Distant Echoes

I knew straight away that I had scared her so I stood up straight ad offered her my hand. I looked at her expectantly but she didn't seem to trust me so I took her hand and shook it with a smile. "Sorry to barge in like this, it's just that I'm in a bit of a rush."

"You want the blue box?" she asked, her voice shaking a little.

I nodded eagerly, stopping when a strange stench filled my nostrils. My eyes darted around the room, my hand still grasping hers, just in case. "Yes. Where is it?"

"In the shed. I'll take you if you want." she said quietly, offering me a gentle smile. I only glimpsed it for a second before I was looking elsewhere but it looked as if she understood what was going on and had been waiting for me to come.

"Is it that way?" I pointed the way I had come, finally spotting what was making the subtle smell.

"Well," she said before I dragged her towards me. "What was that for?"

I dismissed her outrage, reaching into my pocket. I pulled out a torch and aimed it across the room, waiting for it to land on it. Eventually, the light hit an object that neither of us could see. "That's why." I explained, backing away.

"What is that?" she whispered from behind me, placing her head on my shoulder so she could still see.

"It's weird, that's what it is."  I moved the torch away and back again to check it was still there. I turned my head to look at her. "Very odd. Have you been tampering with my ship?" I asked plainly, rummaging around in my pockets again.

"No!" she replies defensively, keeping her eyes fixed on the object.

"Then why is there an out of phase temporal echo over there?" I pulled a second torch out and handed it to her. She pointed it at the echo and I moved, trying to ascertain which dimensions it was present in.

"And what's that?" she asked, shining the torch in my face.

I blocked my eyes with my arm, training the light on the echo. "Often the outcome of a temporal experiment gone wrong and this one went very wrong judging by that." I slowly moved the light around the room, stopping when it hit something else; another temporal echo.

"Are they dangerous?" she asked quietly, turning to look at what I had just found.

"Not especially to us, but they could be fatal to whoever it is that it has affected." I stepped towards the nearest one, the first one, and took a closer look. It was like a person with all the colour drained from them, like they were a statue made out of shadows. "Hmm, shadows." I whispered, thinking to myself. "How long have you had my ship?"

"Ages." she said, examining the other echo. "This one looks familiar."

"So does this one." I said, going to examine the other. It only took one look for me to realise what was going on. "I know who they are."

She turned before she had chance to look at the first echo, looking at me with her curiosity burning behind her eyes; she had definitely been waiting for this. "Well?"

"This one is me." I almost whimpered, reaching out to the echo. "So," My hand dove into my pocket, coming out moments later with a phone. I hesitated, wondering why it wasn't in the TARDIS before dialling Erin's number. "Erin," I shouted into the phone. "Erin?"

But she didn't answer. Odd, she always answers.

"Who's Erin?" she asked as I dashed over to her.

"A friend." I muttered, looking confused when the other echo didn't resemble Erin.

"Err, Doctor." she said, tapping me on the shoulder. "There's another one."

We both looked, shocked to find a third temporal echo right where we had been standing before. She dashed over to it, looking back at me. Oh.

"I'm sorry," I muttered. "But I didn't quite catch your name."

"Hannah." she replies with a smile. "Nice to meet you."

"This one's you Hannah." I said before a scream flooded my head. My ship was in pain. My body collapsed in a fit of agony, convulsing slightly.

Along with concern for Erin, the last thought that entered my head was a question. Who was the person behind the other temporal echo and why were we here? As my mind tried to puzzle it out, my body continued to spasm, much to Hannah's horror.

The End

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