Julian: Breakfast

The next morning was a school day. Julian staggered out of bed and into his clothes still half asleep. He estimated he'd gotten maybe three hours of sleep last night before it was time to get up for school. The things that man had said unnerved Julian in the extreme. He stumbled down the stairs, still frowning.

"Good morning son." Julian's dad said as he took a bite of flat bread.

"Morning dad." Julian mumbled, helping himself to the same.

"Are you ready for class, Julian?" His father questioned.

"Sure," Julian replied.

"Oh, leave the boy alone Julius, cant you see he's half asleep." Julian's mother came to the rescue, finely dressed in the lastest of roman fashions. "Dont you need to be preparing for the Ceasar's speach?" Julius was a politician and a pretty important one at that.

"Oh!" Julias stood up quickly and hurried off.

Julian's mother followed him with a quick. "Have fun at school, dear." Julian nodded, finished his flat bread, pulled on his sandals and headed to the university.

The End

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