Erin: Don't Look Into Its Eyes

This was typical of The Doctor I thought as we raced around corners in a taxi, chasing after a guy from the plane we had just been in.  To send us in one direction whist he had gone hunting for the Tardis.

This was going to be dangerous and yet there was no way of contacting the Doctor in an emergency, his phone resided in the Tardis which at the current moment, The Doctor did not possess. To make things harder for him, the stupid flight attendant had taken his sonic!

“I’m going to throw up!” Angie screeched as we flew around corner after corner, in hot pursuit of the man from the plane. “Ignore her, keep following him!” I called to the taxi driver whom at Angie’s words had slowed down. “You two better pay double for this rubbish,” The taxi driver muttered, cranking the wheel to follow the vehicle the alien had left in. I rolled my eyes, typical, we were chasing an alien that was on a plane who probably had world domination on his mind and the taxi driver wanted double money.

I lurched forward as the taxi crashed into the car we had been following and the airbags were deployed, “Oh my God – are you okay?” I gasped as I saw bang hard against a metal piece which adjusted the seat in front. She moved back and I gasped again as I saw a deep gash on her forehead which had blood trickling down it. Angie felt the cut on her forehead and shrugged, “Yeah, it’s not that bad.”

I shook my head, “Angie, you should look in a mirror or something. It’s a really deep cut,” I said, but she jumped in with her argument by holding up her wrists and saying, “No, these are deep cuts.”

Neither us spoke for a minute or two then I decided to break the tension, “Is the driver unconscious?” I muttered looking into the front seat where the driver’s head was buried in the dispatched airbag.

Angie unbuckled her seatbelt and stuck her head between the two front seats.

When her head reappeared a moment later she said, “Yep, dead as a doornail.” My eyes widened and Angie quickly added in, “No, I didn’t mean dead-dead, I mean dead to the world. Knocked out,” at this I   breathed a sigh of relief, and giggled nervously.

We suddenly felt the car in front of us start to pull away, bits of the car falling off it as it pulled away, the license plate clattered onto the hood of our taxi, spinning for a moment before settling onto the uneven surface of the smashed metal.

“They’re getting away!” Angie cried, opening her door and climbing out.

I fumbled with my buckle, shouting out to Angie who had already begun to run after the car, “Wait Angie! It could be dangerous!”

By the time I reached Angie it was too late, I found her in a crumpled pile on the concrete, however her slow breathing reassured me that she was still alive but just unconscious. A shadow was looming over Angie and I pulled myself to my full height and stared into the cold eyes of the alien. Big Mistake.

Eyes which made my knees buckle and my eyes blur out of focus, I felt myself hit the ground next to Angie and was swallowed by blackness.

Whatever this alien was, it was obvious that you couldn’t look it in the eye without fainting.


The End

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