Angie: Taxi Chase

“I’m going to throw up!” I screeched as the car took another sharp turn. The Doctor had bundled us into a taxi, ordering the driver to follow the taxi that the man from the plane had gotten into. I had protested, but the Doctor didn’t notice.


“Ignore her, keep following him!” Erin yelled with glee, her nails digging into the upholstery of the headrest in front of her. I had already decided I didn’t like her.


“You two better pay double for this rubbish,” The taxi driver muttered, cranking the wheel to follow the vehicle the alien had left in.


My head banged against the seat in front of me as the taxi we were chasing slammed to a stop in front of us. Our taxi smashed into the back end of it, the airbags deploying.


“Oh my God – are you okay?” Erin gasped, covering her mouth in shock.


My forehead felt hot and sticky. The headrest in front of me had a sharp metal piece on it to adjust it – my head had connected with it when we rear-ended the other car.


I felt the cut on my forehead, shrugging, “Yeah, it’s not that bad,”


Erin shook her head, “Angie, you should look in a mirror or something. It’s a really deep cut,”


I held up my wrists, showing the bloody scabs that had formed there, “No, these are deep cuts,”


We were silent for a moment.


“Is the driver unconscious?” Erin murmured.


I unbuckled, sticking my head between the two front seats. The driver was passed out, his head submerged in the airbag.


“Yep,” I confirmed, sitting back into my seat, “Dead as a doornail,” Erin looked alarmed, “No, I didn’t mean dead-dead, I mean dead to the world. Knocked out,” She breathed a sigh of relief, giggling nervously.


The car in front of us began to slowly pull away, pieces and parts falling off as it pulled away. The license plate clattered onto the hood of our taxi, spinning for a moment before settling onto the uneven surface of the smashed metal.


“They’re getting away!” I cried, opening my door.


Erin fumbled with her buckle, “Wait Angie! It could be dangerous!”


I ran after the car, ignoring the blood trickling down my nose.


My head began to throb, spots dancing before my eyes. I realized the sensation with growing dread. Blood loss.


The pavement reared up to meet me as a shadow fell over me.

It was the man from the plane.

I closed my eyes as unconsciousness swallowed me whole.

The End

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