Julian: Strange

That night, Julian couldnt sleep. He lay in bed, listening to the city fall asleep, until there was just the sound of the water in the fountains, but he didnt feel tired himself. The things the strange man who called himself Saturn had said were impossible for any mortal to know. The man had spoken of how one day, there would be a city larger than Rome, and an empire that stretched further than the reaches of the known world. A city that never slept. Vehicles that could go faster than the fastest horse or even fly. Which was impossible. Saturn had spoke of lights without fire, and water that flowed upwards. Buildings taller than the tallest trees. Saturn had seen all these things, he'd said, in the future.

Saturn had also spoken about Rome's demise. The Fall of Rome, which was coming very, very soon. Julian couldnt believe it. Rome was the greatest Empire the world had ever known. There was no way it could fall.

The last thing Saturn had said, though, chilled Julian to the core. Even now, laying in bed, with warm blankets surrounding him, he shivered. For Saturn had said, that tomorrow, there would be proof that all he said was true, and Rome would be attacked, and one in the crowd would vanish forever.

The End

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