Angie: Airplane

Either this guy had escaped from a looney bin somewhere or he was a genius.

I just wasn’t sure which one.


“What, you’ve never heard of a plane?” I snorted, watching as ‘The Doctor’ petted the ancient British telephone booth – I actually knew what it was, surprisingly. Some special on the History Channel showed them once.


He looked at me, frowning, “A plane?”


I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, you know – fly-ing ma-chine?” I said the last two words slowly so he’d understand.


“I know what a plane is, I meant what about a plane,” He tugged on his bowtie absently.


“I think she means to get there,” Erin told him gently.


God these people were slow.


“Oh yes! Love a good plane – I was there when they launched the first one,” He clapped his hands gleefully like a kid at Christmas.


I raised an eyebrow, “The Wright Brothers?”


The Doctor grinned manically, “Yep!”


Okay, time to call the insane asylum – have you lost two nutcases recently? Because I’ve got a couple right here….


“I don’t believe that,” I folded my arms, leaning against the out-of-place telephone booth. Police box. Whatever.


With a defiant look, he raised his hand, snapping his fingers.

Nothing happened.


“Poor dear,” He went back to stroking the faded blue wooden box.


“So, good luck on your whole dying telephone booth thing,” I clapped Erin on the back, wandering away.


“You're not leaving are you?” Erin called.


I turned around, “Uh, yeah. This is me – leaving,” I made to walk away again but she ran forward and grabbed my wrist.


I yanked it away, wincing as she touched my cuts. Pulling down my sleeve and avoiding her gaze, I explained, “I’m a cutter,” I mumbled, shuffling my feet.


There was an uncomfortable silence that passed between us.


“Whatever makes you do that…,” The Doctor began.

I glared at him angrily, but he continued regardless,

“I have the solution. Believe it or not, this old girl can travel through time and space,”

He nodded his head towards the police box,

“You can take a break for as long as you want and could be back before supper. What do you say?”


He was now standing beside Erin, holding out his hand for me to shake.

I mulled over the option. They could turn out to be lunatics, as I expected, or this guy was telling the truth.

I’d heard about the whole aliens-over-London stuff – I just never believed it.

Then again, there had been little alien ships firing lasers at us moments before.

I took his hand. He glanced down at my wrist, a look of pity crossing his face. I ignored it.


“What the hell – count me in,”




My god. Did this guy ever shut up? I’d been on a plane for the past hour or so while the Doctor chattered away in my ear about aerodynamics and bumblebees.

Please. Kill me now.


“So then I raced them, me in the TARDIS, and them in the world’s first airplane. They actually won – I got stuck in a tree,”


Erin giggled next to me, attentively listening to him.


We had barely gotten onto the plane anyway. They made a big deal about the Doctor’s ‘sonic screwdriver’ at the metal detectors.

When he finally convinced them it was to remove hair in your ears and nostrils, we got through just in time to make the flight.


I turned up my iPod, drowning out all other noise to the sound of AC-DC. Rock on.




The End

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