Julian: Rome 134AD

The summer day was hot. Nothing was happening in Julian's villa. His father was working as a politician, his mother was entertaining guests downstairs, his brother was training to be a centurion. Julian, with his smaller build, couldnt be a soldier, so he sat at home, his tutor would come and teach him histories and science, but it was all books. There was nothing hands on.

"Your a man of great learning, Julian." His father would say when Julian said that he wanted to do something more. "Stay in the city so that you can continue to learn."

What Julian loved to do was read about the Philosophers. Their thoughts about how they questioned life, how there could be something more to life than politics and fighting. How there might be something out there that was greater than the Empire, long may Ceasar reign.

Julian wanted to see the world for himself, to see the borders, to see the other people who had been brought into the Roman culture. The household had a few slaves and servants, but they werent aloud to speak. Julian ached for something new, something like he'd read in books.

Suddenly, there it was.

A man stood in the plaza just a block away and Julian could hear him clearly. A man that claimed he was the god Saturn in the flesh. Julian dashed down the stairs and out the door. There were the writings of Jesus, who had said he was the son of God, but there had been no one claimed they were a god. Saturn, the god of time. He certainly looked the part, standing  on the rim of a fountain, an hourglass in one hand, a staff in the other. He didnt look human either, his eyes were solid black orbs, his skin whiter than the marble of the plaza. The man's hair was gold, and he wore a crown, and brilliant robes. But underneath the terribly handsome face, something stirred, something dark and frightening. Julian froze where he was and listened.

The End

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