Erin: Never a Dull Moment

“Never a dull moment with you is there?” I grinned as the TARDIS console flashed bringing a new threat to the Doctor’s attention. “Would you have it any other way?” the doctor grinned back at me dancing around the console, flicking switches and pulling leavers.

“What does the scanner say?” the Doctor asked, “It says there are five spaceships hovering over a place called Rockton, you’d think if aliens wanted to invade they’d be a bit more subtle wouldn’t you?” I asked crossing my arms and starting at the Doctor who was still busy flying the TARDIS, which was being bumped and buffered all over the place.

“Didn’t you ever learn to fly this thing more smoothly” I bellowed over the racket of the engines. The Doctor looked at me as if I had two heads, “Erin, Erin, Erin” he said, shaking his head and tutting, “The TARDIS is more than a machine, It's like a person - it needs coaxing, persuading, encouraging, it can be temperamental at times!” he said defensively stroking the wall. “Why? Do you think you could fly her better?” he said challengingly, “Couldn’t do a worse job!” I said with a giggle. “I’ll let you have a spin, when we’re not under threat by aliens” he said, pulling another leaver which made us both reel backwards as the TARDIS suddenly picked up speed. “I’ll hold you to that!” I said picking myself off the floor. “I bet you will” the Doctor remarked, “If anyone could fly her as well as me, well, nearly as good as me I know it will be you Erin Watson” he paused, “Well, you or River.”


“No-one” the Doctor replied quickly, “Hold tight it’s going to be a bumpy landing”

“When isn’t it bumpy?” I asked sarcastically gripping onto the console; the Doctor gave me a stern look which badly masked a smile which was slowly creeping onto his face.


The little town of Rockton was unusually quiet for early evening, not even the sounds of cars hurrying home could be heard in the distance, or the sounds of footsteps as people walking into the town to buy the evening paper. Even the houses seemed devoid of any life, no light could be seen from any of the houses, not even the light from a TV set. It looked like a ghost town.

“Are you sure we have the right place?” I whispered to the Doctor, but he held his finger shushing me, “It’s definitely the right place” the Doctor murmured, “but where are they, the aliens and the people?” the Doctor questioned.

Then I heard it the bittersweet music, floating on the wind from the distance, “Can you hear that?” the Doctor whispered and I nodded, it was a funeral march, I recognized it from when my grandma had died. Slowly and silently we made our way towards the music, the music was getting louder as we got nearer and when we drew closer we saw them. 5 spaceships hovered in the sky, right above the funeral march, the people below unaware of their presence as they laid down flowers for the dead.

“Doctor, what are they?” I asked pointing up at them, “Scouts” he said uneasily, “And what are Scouts?” I said, my voice shaking uncontrollably. “Trouble” the Doctor said breaking into a run without warning.

I sighed before running after him, towards obvious trouble – trouble seems to follow the Doctor around.

Never a dull moment!

The End

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