Do you remember when we used to always talk? how we would walk down to the creek and we would talk about how school was that day. You would smile and share a snack that you grabbed from home. I can not help but look back at that time and wonder how everything was so much easier and simple back then. You were still around back then... I still go to that creek every now and then, Listening to music and remembering everything that I threw away....You were a great friend. You were there for me back then and I wish I could have the chance to return the favor. And here I am now, 18, Senior in High School. Paying rent and car insurance. Looking for a job. Oh how time flies by. It's not like it used to be, Bullies have matured a little, you would like it. It feels safe now. I wish you could come back and LIVE your life, you were an amazing person, better than me...If I could trade places, I would in a heartbeat Rebecca, you know that right? Look at me, Talking to someone who is no longer there....I see you everywhere, I talk to you..I feel you.... but I know that you are not there. I wish that you were, and I don't want you to leave, but it hurts. To see you and know that you are not really there....It breaks my heart....It reminds me of the memories of when you were still around....The memories are what haunts me, how such a sweet girl was abandoned by her best was wrong, so very wrong....Please....forgive me.....

The End

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