Have I lost myself, or have I found my true self?

I have something to confess to you all, I have lost the path of my happiness. I wish I had the answers as to what is it that I am missing in this place. I want to express my feelings to all of you, but I fear the criticism.. It haunts me with every step I take, I feel as if my very soul is being tugged at by some other force that continually drags away bits and pieces of my soul. Scattered remains of who I once was in life, has drifted away and created what you see before you all. I want to escape this cage around my heart and begin a new chapter in my life, a lighter and more pleasant chapter. I want to break down past enemies and turn them into comrades. I want to right the wrongs that I have lain upon those in my path. I want to start again, to make better choices in this life; that everything that I go through in life, will show me that all the struggles that I have endured, were worth the scars, because that is what I have to show for it. scars. gentle reminders that I am still alive, that what does not kill me, shall make me stronger. That is what I believe, that all these struggles were needed to make me the man that I am today. Every detail of these burdens are taken into account, processed and stored into either good memories, or bad ones. For these lessons have taught me how to handle the situation should it ever arise again. I pray that in the next chapter of my life, there will be more love, compassion, truth and honesty. I hope for my past mistakes to be forgiven. I hope that all those who have been hurt by me, may find it in there hearts to forgive me. I am sorry, I'm sorry for hurting you. Please, find it in your hearts to forgive me...

The End

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