Do I say What I Feel Or Say What I Know?

something that creeps inside of me, wanting to tell others, but fear of what will be a response. its what i would like to tell people, but fearing it will make matters worse.

You may think nothing of it, but all the times I hear your voice, it brings joy in me that I thought I lost a long time ago. you see yourself as just a friend, but in my eyes, you are much more to me than life itself. whenever I am around you, I feel stronger. I wish I knew how I could tell you this, but in past experiences, it led to my downfall. I am afraid to risk the friendship, but I fear if I say nothing, I will lose the chance of something greater. I just wish, I had the courage to tell you, that I love you. It sounds silly, but it's how I truly feel about you. when you tell me of your exes and how they never treated you right, it made me ponder how someone could be so cruel to an angel like you. I guess my biggest flaw is that I fall in love easily, but is that really bad? it shows that my heart shows compassion towards others. I know that also sounds silly, that despite all the heartbreaks I have endured, my heart still willingly cares about others. but you, you made it so close so easily. you got passed the walls I built around my heart. you just walked in, like there was no border hovering around it. you did this all so easily. to make me want to ask you how you did it. i just wish, that I had the strength to tell you that I do truly love you. you have done so much for me without realizing it at all. i wish you could see the beautiful girl that I see. we joke around a lot, but inside I mean the words that I say, you are beautiful. you may not see it, but I do.  Is that not enough? I could go on and on for hours about all the greatness that you possess, but for time's sake, I will let you know this, I love you. and I hope that one day, I can tell you.

The End

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