pushme pullyou

An excerpt of a recent collaboration, published to see if anyone can feel the inspirational impulses zinging furiously from each sentence.

Untitled, an exercise for two auth0rs...


Evrey, more awake than was her wont when jarred out of a lucid dream like that one, rolled silently off the edge of her bunk and looked intently toward the airlock, cloaked in shadow...

Like always, she pressed her fingers together, counting, 1-2-3-4-5 on each hand; so she knew she was actually awake.

'That was odd,' she thought to herself, puzzling over the three mysterious spheres echoing in the most dimly illuminated part of the dream she had been in.

What was odder was the fact that she could not get close enough to get a good look at them, and she was used to having complete control over her dreamstate: building, flying, manipulating time.

In a split second, she dispatched a subroutine to investigate remotely the furtive rustling in the airlock's shadows, and shifted the majority of her thought-energy into creating a image of the spheres.

With a deep breath, she let her gaze soften until it was hazy and she could half-see it in her mind and half-see it in front of her, a projection of the strange memoryimage with as much detail as she could muster.

The subroutine sent back a cryptic progress report, but Evrey ignored its quiet blinking, caught up in a chaotic, disorderly analysis of the subliminal information streaming through the projection of the spheres.

She struggled to process it all, but had to stop with a gasp, her brain tingling and seemingly swimming in her skull, as if it refused to participate in the task at hand.

Her thoughtspace wavering, struggling in an odd way to find a synonym for 'ominous', she sent a wordless psi-shout towards the cryodecks below. 

Though intangible, her signal rippled the air like a wave of heat, touching the creatures instantly.  In unison, they seemed to turn their heads in attention, and then began making their way to her aid.

"What am I thinking?" Evrey gasped inaudibly, considering the gentle hive-minded caretakers and their charges, frigidly slumbering; she could handle both disturbances, whatever they turned out to be.  She sent a reassuring thought to the group, and started towards the Grand Library of All Knowledge for guidance.

The only other time a disturbance like this one had occurred, she had quickly found sage advice after a rapid, seemingly random search among the digital tomes and archived works she now psychically entered.

Allowing the delayed subroutine to expand its report, she contemplated its findings next to the projected backdrop of the Grand Library rapidly rendering 'shelves...

The End

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