A Little Change of PlanMature

They told me Tamar would be released from the hospital soon.  Soon.  No specific date; which bothered me.  Of course lately, a lot of things had been bothering me.  My mind couldn't wrap itself around an event of this magnitude.  

What had happened?  Why did it happen?  How would I go from here?

The route I took from the high school to the hospital was so familiar to me that I could have driven it blindfolded and not worried.  Every day I made this trip and everyday multiple questions ran through my mind.  Questions that still lacked any sort of answer.  

I parked my car and sat, staring out ahead of me.  It was a beautiful day; the sun was shining, there was hardly a cloud in the sky, and the leaves were just beginning to change.  

I slammed my hand against the dashboard in frustration.  

Why, God, why?

Trying to hide all this pent up anger, confusion, and frustration, I marched into the hospital and up to the visitor's desk.  

"I'm here to see Tamar Everine, please."

The secretary typed some things into her computer, then turned to me and said, "Miss Everine was released this morning."


"Yes, the doctors gave her the okay to go home."

I spun on my heel and practically raced out to my car.  My fingers were shaking as I fumbled with the key.  I backed out and drove to Tamar's home, pushing the speed limit as I did.

What is going on?

The closer I neared to Tamar's house, the more clearly I could make out the scene.  Yes, those were definitely police cars.  Yes, they were definitely parked in Tamar's driveway.

Hands still shaking, I marched up to the front door, and knocked. 

The End

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