Until I'd begun to starve myself, I'd never been much of an insomniac. Now, however, as my body was rid of nutrition, it was also rid of sleep.

Yet for the first time in ages, I found myself falling, falling, falling into the dark arms of slumber...


My eyes fluttered open, and I gasped as I realized that I was not in the hospital room, but in a place of nothing but cold and darkness. I struggled to my feet, but I was too weak.


Who was it that was tormenting me so by calling my name but not appearing? I looked around me, and then I saw it. One lonely draft of light, drifting onto the object of both my admiration and my hatred.

A scale.

Nervously, I clambered over to the scale and stood on it, my frail knees shaking. I'd probably gained so much weight since those tubes and IVs were hooked up to me...

The number on the scale read...Oh, no! Could it be? Could I have possibly gained fifty pounds since entering the hospital?

Yes, yes, it was possible! I looked down at my body and tore off my clothes. Where there had once been ribs was flesh, pure, untarnished flesh. Fat. I screamed in horror and used my hands to measure my hips. No, no, no! How could it be? How could I have possibly gotten so obese?!

I awoke with a scream. Sweat trickled down my forehead, but that was the last thing on my mind. I knew what I had to do. Those IVs simply had to go! I hesitated one brief moment before yanking the tubes from my body. There would be no nutrients for my body! I refused to gain weight!

The machine by my bed began screaming, signaling the removal of my IVs. I shot out of bed, even though the action made my head swim. I was dizzy, but I couldn't stay there. I heard someone open the door to my hospital room as I flew into the bathroom and locked the door. Nearly hyperventilating, I grasped my stomach and tried to stay conscious. It was nearly all I could do.

I looked across the bathroom at the mirror and almost fainted at what I saw. The dream had been true! Surely I had gained weight since being hospitalized. What was that roll of fat I saw under my chin? I wasn't making it up...was I? No, I couldn't be!

I heard someone knock at the bathroom door, but that was the last thing that registered in my mind before a terrible shaking overtook my body...

The End

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