As soon as I discovered that Tam had escaped us, I immediately began to search for her.  I jogged through the halls, my eyes desperately seeking her face.  

"Ari!"  Jake was following closely in my wake.  "Ari, relax!  Stop and think --"  Once he figured out that I wasn't listening, he grabbed my arm.  "Ari.  Stop.  Think about where she would have gone.  If anyone knows her, you do."

I figured he was right, so I closed my eyes and put myself in Tamar's perspective.  Obviously, she was upset.  When Tam got upset, she usually ran off to be alone.  Well, there's not many private places in a school except...

"The bathrooms," I said, opening my eyes.  Jake smiled.  I gave him a quick kiss before I ran off to the farthest bathroom.  I put my hand on the door hoping that no one else would be in there.  As soon as I was about to push the door open, someone opened it from the inside.  

Tam and I stood on opposite sides of the threshold, staring at each other.  At the same time, we opened our mouths to speak.  

"Ari, I'm sorry--"

"Tam, I don't know what --"

We stopped and laughed quietly.  We both smiled a sad smile and threw our arms around the other.  When you were this close to someone, you didn't need words.  

Tam and I had always been that close.  Of course we had the ups and downs in our relationship, but the bonds we'd forged were unbreakable.  We shared a mutual love that exceeded any foundations.  Nothing could break us apart.  

The End

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