Destiny: Midnight

I sit on an invisible glass cube. This is soooo confusing! God, I wander who else is going to shatter. Or whether it's just someone trying to get at Ian. Hmm...

"Hello, I'm Midnight. Can someone please explain what's going on here?" A pretty girl says. No, she's not pretty, she absolutely beautiful. I wander if she's a vampire coz vampires are explained as unnaturally beautiful in the Twilight Saga. 

"Well... we don't actually know what's going on ourselves" Lingatsa says.

"What time period are you from?" Sarah asks sarcastically. I think this place is getting to her head because she was, like, really polite earlier. 

"Uhh... well, it depends whether you're counting when I was born, when I was turned, or now" Midnight says. Wow. Maybe she is a vampire.

"Now" I say. 

"Oh, well it's the 21st century. Are you all from different time periods?"

"Well... yeah. I'm from the 21st century too. But Sarah here is from Victorian times. Oh yeah, I'm Destiny by the way"

"Nice to meet you Destiny" Midnight says. I grin. "What?"

Are you a vampire? I think to her. She jumps out of her skin. I laugh but everyone else grumbles.

"Yeah. How'd you work that out?"

"Oh. Well, mainly Twilight. But you said 'when I was changed' so..."

"Oh. OK" so, now there's someone else to be confused. *Sigh*. I sit back down on the invisible cube and created some random stuff to destroy.

The End

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