Ian: something new

My body freezes  "what the hell?" I think then I see my self shatter wait no I'm falling through the ground. Its no longer pure white around me but more of a dark torch litten stone dungeon.  I land hard on the stone ground The back of my head slams into the ground giving me quite the headache. I lay there only for a moment before I shoot up onto my feet completly aware my gun sit in my hand.  This place looked dangerous , and plus it I think I was taken purposly from the others.  I didn't have a plan but I began to wander through the massive stone halls looking for any signs of life or even the others. 

I take a right wich leads to ampitheater where I hear an eerir breeze come from. I set the settings on the hand gun to high.  The ampitheater looked half destroyed and warn from weathering of water but I couldn't see any water sources or puddles.  I look down at the stage it looked like it had just been built.  I step onto the stage to suddenly find myself surrounded by mechs with human drivers.  Just like from my own time except something told me this was still not my own time.

" Ian Hughes , former commader of Jagoran company buxley you are to surrender your self or die."  One of the mechs say through an interior speaker.

No definetly from my time , but not the same orders. I snap my fingers and flames begin to encircle me I force them to engulf and melt the mechs they return massive plasma bolts from my previouse possesion. I shot one of them with through a window in the mech which kills him. I was still out gunned and numbered so the best action was to run like a coward into a hall the Mech could never fit into. 

The soldiers begin to get out of the mechs and shoot me with their assualt rifles I take cover  to a turn off on my left as one of the shots graze the top my shoulder.  I had to keep moving. I look to my left there was that white world where this all had begun on my right was a black world and ahead a jungle world.  Was this a passage between different realities. I took off back to the world of white. Then something stops me and I'm guessing it wasn't good. I'm hit over the back of the head and out I go into my head.

The End

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