Destiny: Shatter

"So, you're from the 21st century?" Ian says

"Yep" I say

"And there are only a few people who have powers?"

"Yeah. Well, no, not exactly. Stay Connected is full of people with powers. Sav can read minds, Mille and Lillie can paralyse people, Shadow can make you see visions, Alex all-"

"Wait! You said Alex earlier. Something like your... uhh... Soul... partner?"

"Soulmate. It's your person that you're, like, attached to. Sometimes you don't even like them, but you have to spend the rest of your life together coz it's so hard to be away from each other. It's a good thing me and my friends like ours otherwise-" I don't finish, because something very strange happens. Ian's body freezes, and gains a glass-like sheen. Then all the colour drains out of him. And then, he shatters. I scream. Rephy runs over and stares at the pile of glass on the floor, confused.

"What's going on?" Kristyl asks. 

"I was talking to Ian. Then he just froze and turned into glass, all the colour just disappeared, then he shattered" I say slowly, not believing that that just happened.

"He's dead?" Sarah says. Rephy picks up a piece of the glass. She examines it for a few seconds and then says

"I don't think he's dead"

"How can he not be?" I ask. Rephy hands me the piece of glass. It's really small. It's so small that only one small word is needed to make it look solid. The word is 'con'. What kind of sick person would play a trick like this. Who would even imagine Ian shattering into a million pieces? No, I don't think it was someone here. But who else could it be? Whoever's controlling this horrible place, maybe? Well, I wonder who that is...

The End

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