Destiny: Not Real

Mostly everything here doesn't exist? How is that possible? Actually, how is creating things with your mind possible? Don't ask me. Most people seem to want to get out of this place. Including me. I miss all my friends. If only we knew how to get out of here. I suppose we could just imagine ourselves out... Hey! That might actually work! I imagine that I'm back at Stay Connected. I see a vision of us all in science but then it just goes back to the blank whiteness. *Sigh*.  I test Rephy's theory. I imagine a music box in my hand. It appears. It looks pretty real. I stare at it and concentrate carefully. As I peer closer, I see that Rephy's right. It's not solid. It's made of tiny pink words. The all say 'music box'. They're just so small that it makes it look solid. I open it and watch the tiny ballerina turn around and around. The ballerina is made of the word 'ballerina'. If it isn't real then... I let go of it, and it stays suspended in mid air. I then notice that everyone was watching and they all stare at it in amazement. 

"Uhh... Rephy's right. It's not real. It's made of tiny words. Try it" I say. Everyone tries and they all seem to see the same thing. "So, what do we do now?" I ask

The End

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