Ian: So that explains

As they all imagine what they want it make sense why I cannot manipulate the molecules this place is probably not real. I imagine a sheet of titanium toron metal alloy. One of the lightest yet strong substance in the future. Once it appears in front of me. I put my manipulating of molecules to work. The sheet begins to become a liquid then quickly reforms itself into a sword. I love swords and i love making them this way. Once I fininshed forming the sword I imgained a few other materials to make a better hilt. Once I was done  I was about to deconstuct it when scarecrow slammed the wall and the place became a hard bouncy castle.

Rephy took charge on zero G ed us. Then we got out of the vibrating house as I did that my newly created sword. shish kobabbed me to the ground. 

" Ow this feels great." I weakly mutter pulling it out of my chest.  I got up as blood dripped from my front. I interrupted Rephy's plan.

" Oh sorry bout that." I say putting my hand over myself and the wound sealed. Another great thing about my power I don't need med supplies. I picked up the sword and deconstructed from each molecule leaving only a pile of ash.

" Well I don't know why we are he but I can tell mostly everything here doesn't exist."




The End

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