Rephy : Zero gravity time!

The weird blankness starts to shudder, slowly at first, then when everyone starts to wish it stops, it starts getting worse, including the floors tilting lopsided and going bonkers. Destiny's voice bounces in and out of our heads like crazy. We are all on the floor or holding onto a pillar, struggling to stand up. I should do something. Oh yeah, then I take all the gravity away. Everyone starts to float in the air, arms out flapping and looking around madly.

"This is soooo weird." Someone calls out, I smile, it is.



I push myself away from a shaking wall with my legs, swimming in the air with everyone else.

"How about getting out of here?" I shout over the vibrations and ripples of shaken air. We dive out of the house and back to the whiteness that greets us.

The End

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