Destiny: wwwwwwwottzzzz gggoiiiiinggg onnnn??

I'm about to annoy someone else with random comments in their heads when a loud GGOOIIIINNNGGG!!! Like a gong echo's through the whole white emptiness. Then, the white emptiness starts vibrating. Can things get any weirder? Answer: yes, yes they probably can. Everything is moving along the floor, like if you put something on top of a basically empty washing machine and then turn the washing machine on. Everyone stands up so that they won't get dumped to the floor.

"What's going on?" I say. But because of the now violently vibrating whiteness, it comes out more like 'wwwwwwwottzzzz gggoiiiiinggg onnn?'

"Yyyyooooo nnnnno? Nnnnowwww wwwooooddd bbeeee ahahahah goooddd ttiiiiyyymmm tttooooo yyyyyooooozzzzz yyyyooorrrr paaaahhwweerrrr" Sarah attempts at saying. I quickly work out that this means 'You know? Now would be a good time to use your power', then I think what's going on?

"hhhaaahhhhhwwww thththththuhuhuhuh hhhellll ahahahmmm iiyyy sssupppooozzzeed tttoooo nnnooo?" Ian says. 

well, me using my power isn't going to stop the place vibrating! someone imagine it stops! I guess everyone does. But it doesn't work. It makes it worse! We're all thrown to the floor and can't move because of the vibrations. Then, slowly, ever so slowly, the whole place starts to tilt. 


The End

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