Scarecrow: I need answers

Everyone was relaxed and making things appear from nowhere but I was still on edge. Why are we here and how did we get here? Dammit I need answers! My detective's brain was going haywire.

I caught Rephy's eye and motioned to her that I wanted to talk to her, she seems to be kind of in charge or near enough to it anyway. She nodded and followed me a little distance from the others. "Hey, look it seems like everyone here has forgotten that we all came from completely different places, era's, whatever... and we have no idea why we're here or how we got here. I don't know about you but I need answers, I'm a detective."

Rephy popped another cherry in her mouth and nodded. "I understand you, but I don't really think we want everyone to go crazy and panic and stuff if it's bad....I really don't know what to do?"

I thought about it for a moment and then nodded. "Right well I have to get friends need me, they could be in danger, dead or anything!"

I punched a piece of glass near me angrily but instead of breaking, it clanged like a piece of metal, the clang echoed around for ages and me and Rephy looked at each other.

"What the...?"

And then the whole place started shaking.

The End

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