Destiny: Loud Thinking

Things look really dodgy with things randomly appearing in front of people. I grab a handful of cherries from Rephy's box and sit on the sofa that I created a few minutes ago. I start singing in my head. I use my power because I know it annoys people. It's quite funny when you've got nothing else to do. After a while, I hear another voice. It's singing the same song. Surely I can't create two voices? I sing louder.

"Shut up!" everyone except Rephy moans. I consider singing louder but then decide to stop. The other voice carries on. 

"You might wanna cover your ears... no, wait, that won't work. Be prepared" I say to everyone. 

"Oh no" Sarah moans quietly. Then, i go for it.

HEY!!! WHOEVER'S SINGING!!! COME OVER HERE!!! I yell through my thought at the top of my voice. I use my power coz I can be as loud as I want with thoughts. My voice has a limit. Everyone covers their ears as a natural instinct.

"Destiny!!!" They all yell at me. Including Rephy this time. The singing stops. A girl comes over. 

"Hi, I'm Meggie. I've never heard someone shout so loud. Please don't do it again" she says.

You've never heard someone shout so loud because I wasn't shouting, I was thinking. I'm Destiny. Please call me Dess. I think to her so no-one else can hear. I carry on eating the cherries so it looks like I'm not doing anything. She is surprised. 

"Ahh! Who was that!?" she exclaims. Everyone glares at me. I grin.

"Nice to meet you Meggie" I say, getting up and holding out my hand. Meggie shakes it, eyeing me suspiciously. I don't think she trusts me. Then again, nobody trusts me wit the power I've got. Hehe. 

"Nice to meet you too Destiny." she says. Everyone else introduces themselves. Then I say.

"Who wants some imaginary toffee?" holding out the extra, extra, extra (x10) large bag of toffee that just appeared in my hand. A few people take some.

"This isn't imaginary" Meggie says.

"Yes it is. I imagined it" I grin

The End

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