Meggie Greene

When you take one step on a Bus, you never imagine that the next second that step would take you to…

Well, where was I?

Somewhere white. Oh, great start Meggie, you always were a genius.

Somewhere…cold? Well, I didn’t know, but I felt cold in the thin sea-green dress I had bought in America.

Looking around the whiteness, my olive-coloured eyes couldn’t see much and, to be honest, it really scared me. Was this another of mother’s tricks? A thing to convince me of my doomed inheritance?

Before I stepped onto that bus I wouldn’t have had any ideas about where on Earth (or maybe not on Earth?) I was. But now my ideas were in abundance as my good friend Jenny had opened my eyes up to all sorts of things, so this shouldn’t have made me react that way, but it didn’t feel like another alien land or The Underworld. It felt just like nothingness…

I wondered where Jenny was now. Thinking, I put a hand onto my left hip and pushed a just as a curvy lock of my golden hair out of my pale face, with my other hand.

I racked my brain for inspiration, but when I didn’t find one, I delved back into my photographic memory. Oh, yes, that was it: on the Protagonize Bus, Aidan had just confessed that he was in love with me too, and that had pushed all thoughts of my dreadful mother out of my head. I had also been talking to a psychic woman who said some freaky stuff about my future, about my mother again, I guess.

Yes, the Devil really does where Prada!

Frustrated, I flumped down on the floor and waited for something to happen. And, having nothing else to do, I started to sing.


The End

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