Rephy : Cherries~!

Destiny's weird I-can-get-into-your-head power seems to be getting on everyone's nerves, I find it quite funny though. Things have started to appear out of nowhere, this place is also getting stranger and stranger. Feeling a bit hungry, I close my eyes and wish for a box.

"The box must be glass, clean and contain delicious cherries filled to the top." After muttering to myself, I open my eyes, and there stands, right in front of me, exactly what I wanted.

"Yes!" I scream, "Anyone want any cherries?" Some people nod, walk over and grab a handful of cherries.

Suddenly, I spot a clock hanging on the wall, the hands are moving, but so unsteady. The speed alters, it also goes backwards too. So strange, maybe we are caught in time?

The End

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