Destiny: Imagine

It seems that everyone can see the inside of the house, but not the outside (me being an exception). We now have a fire, and we've decided to stay here. It's really weird. Hmm... I wander if we could make anything just by imagining it. 

"Hey everyone!" I say. But everyone is talking so they ignore me. Hmph. Hey! Everyone! I have an idea!. Everyone's head turns towards me.

"Please don't shout when you do that, it's giving me a headache" Sarah complains.

"Quit moaning and listen. I saw the house because I imagined it... I think.So maybe if we all imagine stuff, it'll happen" I say. Everybody 'hmm's. 

"Maybe" Ian says "We'll just have to test it"

"Yay! I'll go first. Let's say you have to imagine that everyone can see it" Rephy says

"OK.Let's go outside" we all go outside. I grab Lingatsa. "Woah! You were about to step into an invisible hole!"

"OK. I imagine... that everything had colour so that we can all see it" Rephy says. Suddely, loads of random colour appears. But it all runs into each other and is just a big mess. Like the pictures that toddlers paint. It reminds me of a picture of 'the rainbow' I painted when I was four.

"We have to be more specific" Kristyl says. You can say that again. "Like this. I imagine... that all the colour disappears and there are no holes in the ground" suddenly, all the colour goes. And I mean all of it. I can't see anyone because all the colour they had on them is now non-existent. And it doesn't go white because if you think about it, white is actually a colour. It just goes. I imagine that all the colour comes back and then it does, including the colour that Rephy made.

"You have to be even more specific than that. Like this" I walk forwards until my hand touches a piece of glass. "I imagine that this exact piece of glass is actually... the door to a sweetshop... with colour" and suddenly a sweetshop appears in front of me. The colours are a bit random coz I didn't say what colours I wanted, but it's a sweetshop all the same. My hand is resting on the door. I push it open. Inside is a room filled with al sorts of sweets. There is a little desk with a cash register on. 

"Wow" everyone says at the same time. Then they all start creating things of their own. It actually looks pretty funny.

The End

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