Ian: Invisible?

" I went into a invisible house." Destiney voice is muffled . 

" Invisible? " I ask then follow. 

I enter the this room with glass that you couldn't see through , like a mirror that doesn't reflect I thought.

" Well I guess invisible works. Why doesn't everybody come in atleast there isn't invisible hole to fall into."  Every body else walks in.

" Wow thats so wierd glass that you can't see through." I hear a few comments.  I see an empty fire place with unburned wood. I felt I had to make this place more homely. I snap my fingers and a stream of fire streak across the room igniting the fire place.

" You remind me of someone I know." Rephy says.

" You know someone who makes and controls fire in your time?" I ask

" Yep." She says

" so we staying here or what?" I ask

The End

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