Destiny: Hmm...

I figured that powers hadn't come to the world in Victorian times. Sarah thinks the future is weird. I think the past is weird, but also interesting. I'm staring at the now-visible glass in awe when someone runs up. She's wearing a T-Shirt and some jeans. 

"Hi, I'm Krystal. Did anyone else just hear that voice? Oh yeah, and where are we?"

"Hi Krystal, I'm Destiny" I'll have to get everyone to call me 'Dess' like at school "The voice was me" I tap my head "I have no idea where we are"

"Oh. You all look like you're from different time periods"

"You bet we are" Rephy says "I'm Rephy" 

"Hi Rephy" Krystal says. Everyone else introduces themselves. Then I say

"Before we do anything else, can everyone please call me 'Dess'? And also, can anyone else see the glass?"

"No" Sarah says. "Can you?"

"Yeah. I just imagined that this piece of moving glass was the door to a house and I could suddenly see them all"

"Weird" Ian says.

"Yeah... I wander..." I go to the glass (which is actually attached to some other pieces of glass to form a cube) and push it again. It swings with a creak. I look inside. I can just see the other pieces of glass, but I can't see through them. As if this really is a house. I go inside. It looks like an empty house made of clear glass that you can'tactually see through. That doesn't make sense does it? You'd have to be here.

"Where's Destiny gone?"I hear someone say from outside.

"Dess! Where are you?" someone else says, louder. I walk out.

"Where did you go?" Krystal asks.

"Into an empty house" I say

The End

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