Sarah: I need a gun

I felt quite uncomfortable with the way I had been dressed.  If I got back home looking like this I might actually be killed when anyone saw me, everyone knows women have legs we're just meant to pretend we don't.

I didn't like not having my gun on me, I felt vulnerable.  Always travel with a weapon that's what Jonathon said, no matter how much Matty disagreed.  He would have a fit if he could see me now, bless him he's so overprotective, but I guess that comes with having an assassin for a sister!

Then I remembered the knife I had in the top of my sleeves by my shoulder where I could get it, and felt a bit better.  I was so glad it was there, Jonathon wasn't here to protect me this time.

I'm reading this magazine Destiny gave me when suddenly a voice rang out in my head and I dropped it.

'Did you guys hear that?'  I hoped I wasn't going insane.  Maybe this whole thing was a test by the council to make sure I was good enough.

'Sorry guys.'  Destiny was looking very upset.

'That was you?'  My jaw dropped.

'Yeah it was.'  Destiny was looking at the floor trying to avoid eye contact with the rest of the group who were staring at her.

'But you were in my head.'  That isn't possible.

'It's a sort of special power, I can talk to you in your head.  Sorry if I creeped you out, I didn't mean to.'  My head was shaking.

'The future is such a weird place.'  I couldn't wait to get there.

The End

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