Lightening: O... super....

I blink... Ok... I prop myself on my right elbow... I look around... Nothing... Not even Law... Super.

I look at myself, I realise with a jolt that my glamour has gone... Bugger... My thoughts echo around me... Here I am, a vampire, in the middle of a room, glamour gone, brother gone, everyone gone...

I get up... Oh God, this so boreing! I walk around, my shoes echo around me, bouncing off random corners. Well this is fun... Where do I go?

"Law?!" I yell. Nothing. "Oi! Lawson!" the sounds come back pushing me forward. Which way? I spin around on the spot, arm out. This way it is then. I run forward. I stop. I look around. I hear voices in the distance. I run towards them.

The End

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