Destiny: ???

Sooo... there are now *counts everyone* ... six people (including me) walking pointlessly in the white blankness. Rephy's given Sarah a makeover. Finally. I don't think she really approves but it's done now. She'll never be able to get her hair that tight again and there's no hope of putting her dress back together. Oh yeah, the bullet wasn't a bullet. The clinking sound was the glass that whatever it was went through smashing. Hmm... Apparently no-one here knows what a soulmate is. I wander where they're from. Eventually, Lingatsa gets tired of walking so we sit down. It's amazing no-one falls down an invisible hole. I've taken to tracing the invisible walls with my hands. It's comforting... in a way. 

"This is entirely pointless" Sarah pointlessly points out. "I wish a had a good novel to read" a good novel. Does anyone say novel these days? I don't. I say book, no matter how long the book is. I rummage in my bag that actually has hardly anything in it and pull out a magazine.

"Here, read this" I throw it to her "It'll give you a taste of modern society"

"Is it a newspaper?" Sarah asks as she picks it up.

"No. It's a magazine. You wouldn't catch me dead with a newspaper" I say. The magazine, by the way, happens to be a few week old copy of Mizz. 

"What is 'Hits and Misses'?"

"It's the good and bad fashion of celebrities. Just read it" I tell her. I stop as the piece of glass I'm tracing suddenly swings inwards. Like a door. I find the edge and pull it. It comes back and hits the glass next to it with a small click. Like a door. I wonder... If this is a door.. them maybe this is a house. It probably isn't, but at least I can find some comfort in imagining it is. As soon as I think that, I can suddenly see the glass. It's still clear, but it isn't invisible any more. I can see where all the pieces of glass are. 

Holy guacamoly! I accidentally use my power as I think that, and everyone turns to stare at me.

The End

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