Ian: the future , and sick of invisble holes.

" The future must be great!" Rephy excliamed.

I looked down at my feet. Its not nice to say to people in the past who had so much hope for the future to be told i

" Its not really it still ............. well different than your time had thought.  You see we blew ourselve out of civilzation , by nuking eachother. That brought humanity on its knees. As we began to get back up a asteriod brought us back to extinction.  During that period between the asteroid and a war we had break thoughs in science . We mostly put them into tools of destuction. Then when we waged war. Now remains maybe three main domains that have a society of some sort." I explained to her.

But I don't think she paid complete attention because she was over fixing the victorian era's fashion to her liking. She looked uncomftrable about it. I couldn't blame her though. If someone decided that my long black jackets that go down to my ankles that is bullet proof , was to old and needed a trim. I would be uncomfortable.

A little while later we run into a new guy. He had his gun raised. My own wizzed out of my jacket in a matter of seconds.  It wasn't needed though becuase he was apolgizing about it to Rephy. The guy had a bullet wound it looked like seeing that his jacket had a bullet hole. An old styled lead bullet hole. If it was plasma shot there would be hole in his chest.   After Rephy finished intoducing herself. He looked depressed, and by judging from what little I heard from his whispering to himself he was worried about someone.

" Hey I'm Ian Hughes." I said a hand outstretched , " Judging from your gun and your bullet hole in your jacket I presume your from the late 20 th or early 21rst centurys. I'm from the latter 21rst century. To be exact 2060. "

I put my hand down seeing he wasn't going to shake it.  I thought that was an old custom that they practiced oh well.

He didn't say anything so I turned around, and fell into one of the many invisible holes.

" Jaa! What the hell!" I said climbing out of that , " I'm sick of this."

The End

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