Scarecrow: Answers please?!


"Sorry." I muttered and lowered the gun looking embarrassed, normally I had a more level head and I said so "I'm not normally like this, I just came from a massive fight and I don't even know if my friends are ok, I'm supposed to be dead, I got shot." I indicate my torn jacket and the bloodstains and then I look around. "Where in the name of all that is holy are we?"

The girl with brown hair finally spoke. I watched in amazement as she walked up a glass panel and turned sideways to look at me. "That's a question we all want answered Mr....?"

"Scarecrow." I finished for her. "Call me Scarecrow."

She walked towards me and held out a hand, "I'm Rephy." she noticed my surprised look and said "I control gravity."

I wiped my hand roughly in my combats to try and get some of the blood off it before I took her hand and shook it in a weird sideways handshake. She had a firm grip that surprised me. "Strong handshake." I commented "Sign of a strong personality." She blushed a little at that and I rolled my eyes. Women! Oddly enough her blush made me think of Danielle and I closed my eyes for a moment. "Dani I hope you're ok." I whispered to nobody in particular.

The End

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