Rephy : Old and new

We walk, since there's nothing else to do, it isn't easy to get far though. Avoiding glass while walking is harder than I thought. I chat with Ian about the future, even though he says he it's against the law to tell anyone from the past about what will happen and I tell him about the twenty-first century. Sarah walks in front of me, in this heavy black dress and a bun so tight her eyes seem to be sucked into her ears.

"Sarah, isn't what your wearing really uncomfortable?" Destiny asks, looking at her outfit.

"Yes, but this is what a lady should wear."

"Nonsense!" I join them, "You need a makeover."

"A what?"

"Don't freak out, okay? I'm going to put your hair down." My hands reach up to her neat bun.

"Nooo!" But Destiny holds her so she doesn't struggle.

"It'll feel nice, trust me." I release her hair, and she sighs. She shakes her head and her nice hair falls back.

"You're right! It does feel nicer." I give her a I-told-you-so face.

"Does anyone have any scissors?" The clothes look a bit ancient.. a little trimming wouldn't do any harm.

"Yeah," Ian tells me, he produces a mini box, takes out a miniscule pair of scissors out. As soon as he does so, it enlargens into normal size scissors. "Catch!"

"Wow! That is so cool!" He grins, "How come you have to wait for all the good stuff?" I say, pouting. Nevertheless, I turn back to Sarah, who eyes the scissors in terror.

"Don't freak out, I'm just going to cut the ends off your dress, okay?" I end up cutting about half her dress off, then I stop at just above her knees. Sarah opens her eyes and squeaks.

"I feel so naked."

"Sarah, in the twenty first century, people don't wear dresses, sometimes they are photographed in their underwear." Destiny explains, "And plus, you don't look so bad!"

"They don't!"

"They do. Hey, who knows, maybe you'll be the first to greet the Edwardian era."

"Queen Victoria dies? Everyone thinks she never dies, she's been on the throne for so long!"

"Everyone dies, Sarah." Lingatsa adds, now staring into the distance of nothingness.

"Erm...." Ian begins, "That might be an exception in the future...."

I just roll my eyes at him. "Oh wait, sleeves." I chop them off, and step back to look at my work before chucking the scissors back to Ian. "I like it."

"Hey, I can see two people over there. Shall we go see them?" Lingatsa points at two figures that I only just notice now. Nodding, I decrease the gravity a little and we bounce away.

The End

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