Sarah: What was that?

I didn't notice the man standing in the whiteness until something exploded near our feet.  The girl, Rephy starts yelling at him saying he could have killed us.  In his hand was something that looked like a gun, but the thing that it had fired certainly wasn't a bullet and I knew about guns.  We introduced ourselves.

'I'm Sarah.'

'Nice to meet you.'  The man is called Ian Hughes and I start making a profile in my head without thinking, it goes with the job.

'What was that?'  I wanted to know more about these people who looked so different to me.

'I take it you aren't from my time.'  Ian looked at me, taking in my dress and hair pinned back so tightly it hurt.  'It was a shot from a plasma gun.'  He showed my the gun.

'May I?'  I held out my hand for the gun.

'You know how to use this?'  He looked surprised.

'I've handled a few guns before, I just want to see how it feels.'  He handed me the gun, it was very light.  I pointed it into the distance and aimed being careful to put no pressure on the trigger.  'It's not like any gun I've used before.'  I handed it back.

'I don't think these will be invented in your lifeime Sarah, sorry.'

The End

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