Destiny: Annoyed

We fall down a lot more invisible holes and bump into a lot more invisible walls. And we've had to climb a few invisible hills too. If anyone was watching us on TV, they'd think it was really funny. It just looks like... well it looks like... it looks like... it looks like what it is! It looks like we're wandering around in a random white space that's making me feel claustrophobic! Oh yeah, with us now is a old fashioned girl. She keeps eyeing our clothes as if we're mad. I mean, I'm not even wearing the latest trend! I'm wearing white jeans with a pink stretch top pulled over them, and white trainers. It'snot like she's exactly wearing modern clothes either. She's wearing this big Victorian dress and Victorian shoes, and her hair is tied up in the tightest bun I've ever seen! I'm beginning to wander if she's actually from the 21st century! And she keeps looking at our hair too. I can understand mine. One of the hair bobbles is missing from one of my plaits. And the plaits in question are coming undone because of where the barbies pulled my hair. It just looks like a big brown mess. And the dark red straks just make it look like I've got blood in my hair. But Rephy's hair is fine! I mean, it's not like nobody wears their hair down. Seriously.

Anyway, we've probably been walking pointlessly for an hour now so if anyone else turned up they turned up where we turned up. zzzip CLANG zzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. Something skims my hair. Whatever it is bounces around on the invisible walls before falling down an invisible hole. There'sa small clink as it hits some distant ground. Rephy stares at in in shock.

"Hey!" she yells at the guy who must've just appeared. "Watch it hey you coulda killed someone!"

"Sorry" the guy says, turning round "Ian Hughes" 

"Well hi, Ian." I say "Whatever that was almost killed me" 

"Hi, I've already said I'm sorry" he says. Grrr! As if I wasn't stressed enough! He then eyes my hair. I yank it out of the plaits and put the bobble around my wrist.

"Happy now?" I ask.

"She doesn't even tell me her name before she goes off on one" he mumbles.

"Sorry! I'm stressed, OK? Do you know what it's like to suddenly get snatched away from your soulmate? I'm Destiny"

"Hi Destiny"

"I'm Rephy" Rephy says. 

"I am Sarah" Sarah says.

"Nice to meet you" Ian says. 

The End

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