Ian Hughes

I open my eyes the light blinds me.

" Hey the lights are a little blinding! Wait where am I?" I yell

A moment ago I coud I was in a underground resistance base In Torta. Now I'm here. How does that work?  I get up my red eyes piecing everything trying to find out my surroundings. I move forwards , and flatten my face agianst a transpearant surface.

" Ow! Who would do that?!" I yell angrily. 

A few moments later I calm down. I snap my fingers and flame surround my I urge the flames to blast the surface, but it only hits the surface and flattens itself around it.  I let the flames die down.  I put my hands on the surface , Imagine the molecules inside the wall then I trie deconstructing it. Nothing happens. 

" What both my powers aren't working? Rrrrr!" I reach into inside my jacket and grab my plasma handgun , and shoot it.

Boing!  The shot is deflected and whizzes over my obsidian black hair. 

I hear the shot hit the floor and dissapate. I'm usually a calmer person than that but this place wasn't letting me think straight.  I slide the gun back into my jacket , and begin to think what could have possibly happened for me to fall asleep. I couldn't figure it out.

" Hey! Watch it hey you coulda killed someone!" I hear a female voice behind me.

" Sorry." I say turning around. , " Ian Hughes."


The End

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