Sarah: Dreaming

I opened my eyes and I could see nothing, just whiteness.  I must just be having another bad dream, I seem to be getting a lot of them lately.  Or maybe I'm dead, with so many assassins out to get me it's possible.  I looked down and was thrilled to see I was properly dressed in my favourite dark purple dress with embroidery on the bodice.  I try and stand up which is surprisingly hard when you can't see the floor.

'Ow!'  My head hit something hard.

'You did that too, huh?'  I looked up to see two girls dressed in very strange clothes looking at me.  'You might want to watch it, there's a lot of that glass about.'

'Thank you for the advice.'  I carefully stood up again, minding the glass and made my way towards them.  'I know this is going to sound strange I dead?'

'I hope not because that would mean I was dead too.'  OK that was reassuring, at least I may still be able to get back to Jonathon.

'Do you have any idea where we are or how to get out of here because I have some important things I need to be doing?'  I know I sounded pompous but I was worried, Jonathon needed me, he couldn't work without his seeker.

'Your guess is as good as mine.'  OK fine, I was going to have to solve this mystery too.

The End

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