Rephy : HI!

"Now that," I reply in a serious tone, "Is one of the best questions in the world. A deer without eyes is my answer. I'm Rephy, I feel lost."

"Me too!" Destiny answers, "It's like we've been teleported or something."

"Now that's an idea." I mumble, "Wonder who else is here." I walk a few steps forwards, then suddenly step onto nothing and fall around a metre down. Quickly, I take away the gravity, and float just before I touch the ground.

"Woah," says I, it was too unexpected. Destiny is floating too, I put both of us down and grin.

"Nice one," she tells me.

Then we realise that the floor isn't flat, but it is impossible to figure out where the slopes and the falls are, it's just too bright, white and transparent.

The End

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