Destiny: Huh?

I open my eyes. Ahhh! I'm blind! I can't see anything! (Which is normally what being blind means, but still). Everything's.... white. How did I get here? Maybe I'm dreaming? The last thing I remember is falling asleep in Alex's arms. On a bench outside my school, Stay Connected. Hmm... I look down. It's just whiteness. In fact, I fell like I'm suspended in nothingness. The floor seems to be solid though, thank goodness. I get up and look around pointlessly. Nothing, der. I turn around and see a girl.She's walking around with her arms outstretched. I wander why? I take a step forwards. Ouch! I slam into an invisible wall. That'll be why. Oh! I'm not aching any more! I should be. You would be if you'd just been beaten up by a bunch of barbies with high heels and sharp nails. They weren't really barbies.Just really skinny girls with overly applied make-up.

Hello? I think. Alex? Sav? No answer. I shout to the girl but she doesn't seem to notice. HEY! I yell to her through my thoughts CAN YOU HEAR ME?? she looks around. Good, she heard me. I slowly make my way towards her, running my hands along the invisible walls. I have one hand out in front of me, one hand stretched out at my side.

"Hi" I say when I get to her. "I'm Destiny. Do you know where we are?"

The End

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