Rephy : White blankness

My eyes flicker open, I am lying down flat on some sort of glass floor, except there isn't anything beneath the glass. Brown eyes of mine examine the place I am in. The ceiling is white, the walls are white. In fact, I don't even know if they are walls or not, it's just so white that everything seemed to stretch out and the sky is white, but is it a sky? I push myself up, very confused. My brown hair lays on my shoulders, wavy and floppy. Last thing I remember was me going into bed and falling to sleep after filming the latest episode of Psychic Crash directed by Crystal Rose. Is this a dream? Its a bit empty for a dream though, I'm sure I have more imagination than this.

"Hello?" My voice seems lost in this space. Walking a bit forward, I wonder if there is anything more to this place than this. Probably not.


I walk straight into a glass wall. Ha ha, I laugh to myself, very funny. Trust someone to put a random piece of glass in a big white blank space. This could become dangerous. Maybe they are all over this place, and I wouldn't know. So I start wandering about. Hands stretched out in front of me. I did come across quite alot of random pieces of glass.

The End

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