These Doubts Are Coming

Her: It's been awhile, hasn't it? Quite a torture for myself, actually.

Her: To be honest, I've barely been able to talk to Don at all now, the time of school coming back with revenge and Don being distracted with MMA and family. I fear that over this time, Don and I will fall apart, as two pieces of a halved charm would. What once was inseparable, would simply become a shattered piece. The fear is beginning to craze my mind, distracting me from my schoolwork, from friends, from everything.

Her: I'm truly afraid....afraid that Don hates me, afraid that he's done with me. Should I tell him we should end it, that we should take a break before I get hurt to the point of being unable to heal? I keep obsessing about it, but a part of me always holds back. It's the part of me that still remembers how we met, how we began to talk, the points that he got so jealous, that it made me feel loved...

Her: Maybe I'm selfish, selfish because I still want him though I'm afraid we're drifting away from each other. I need to talk to him, to see how he sees everything...

Her: Question is....when?

The End

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